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where clause on object C# silverlight

LINQ where clause with lambda expression  With Specific Keyword Show the Data in Silverlight or in WebService

if your create a class object an after filled then your want to load all data from db and restrict on specific keyword data not show ,so you need to apply this method.

Where(x => x.Status != “Complete”).ToList();

if you not use toList() then give you Casting Error so, must use this

This is WebServices Method in silverlight

public List<tblTest> GetCampaignByCompanyId(int companyid)
List<tblcampaign> lst = new List<tblcampaign>();

tblcampaign c = new tblcampaign();
if (c.RowCount > 0)
lst = tblcampaign.PopulateCampaign(c).Where(x => x.Status != “Complete”).ToList();

return lst;




// u.DataTable.Select(“RoleID in (3,4) and isdeleted=0”)

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