MDI Parent background color

15 Mar

The reason you are having this problem is because when you turn a form into an MdiParent you are also having an MdiClient object  added on your behalf that doesn’t show up in your code. When you change the BackColor of the form, any change are hidden by the MdiClient that is taking up all of the area where your desired BackColor is actually being displayed.

To fix this… we need to enumerate through the controls on the form to find the MdiClient, once we’ve found it, we change it’s BackColor ala:


foreach (Control c in this.Controls)
if( c is MdiClient)
c.BackColor = Color.Red;


For System Colors Change MDI Background Color


private void frmMDIParent_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

foreach (Control c in this.Controls)
if (c is MdiClient)
c.BackColor = SystemColors.GradientInactiveCaption;

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